Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This Is What Happens When I Ruminate

I've been thinking.  Always dangerous, I know.  But several of you, dear readers, have pointed out in comments and e-mails how cranky I've been lately.  And even though I kinda like being cranky, I've done enough self-reflection to come to a conclusion:

We - you and me -  don't drink enough wine.

Yep.  So henceforth, before I flay somebody - even somebody from the New York Times - I'm gonna invite 'em to the Great Suburban Outback for a home-cooked dinner and a good bottle of wine or three.  We'll discuss the state of the world and issues big and small.  I'm betting we'll agree more than we'll disagree.  We'll enjoy the fireplace and the sun setting over the lake.

I'll send 'em home with a coupon for anti-Camden the Wonder Dog dry-cleaning.  And then I'll report on what we AGREED upon instead of ranting about a DISAGREEMENT with someone I've never met.  

Of course they may not show up, but if they refuse my invitation I'm gonna do what I do best and light 'em up.  They had their chance.  Of course if they DO show up they're free to complain about the wretched food.  Fair's fair.

Call it a New Years' resolution, the first I've ever made except for the annual promise to never make an annual promise.

The big question is who to invite first.  Any suggestions?  It seems that the only interesting people I can think of are all, well, dead.


Spokane Al said...

Who else but your home boy Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich?

Vertical Man said...

Oooh, good idea! He could probably use a home-cooked meal about now. Though he's gonna be a bit busy in the next few months, and my not be allowed to travel out of Illinois. But I'll ask him!

Kona Shelley said...

Oh yes..I agree..more wine! In fact, last night I all but polished off a 1/2 bottle of strawberry/kiwi wine a friend had given me..simply delish..:-))

I have the whole rumination thing too.

art tchr said...

I will come to a dinner with Blago...I will have myself delivered in an urn to be placed at the head of the table and talked about...no wait...I can't be dead yet..I have to work long enough to be able to afford the urn!