Thursday, January 08, 2009

Skiing's Better When Clothed and Sober!

Tri-Daughter #3 forwarded this item from BBC News:  A skier falls off a lift at Vail, gets his clothes tangled in the chair and hangs there for several minutes, pants around ankles.

OK, only two things to say: (1) No matter what happens in life, count on someone nearby to laugh hysterically and take pictures, thus memorializing the event for all time, and (2) I've done some dumb things around chairlifts, but nothing quite like this and ALL before the era of cellphone cams!  Said hijinks mostly involved adolescent stupidity and one or more flavors of schnapps.  Though there was some laughter, there are no pictures!  Whew!

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Pamela said...

Too funny! And,no,TG,I did NOT enlarge that image!!! ;)