Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Things I Need, I Don't Want.

And what I want I don't really need.  But...

A while back I blogged about Tri-Brother's new carbon fiber rocket.  Well, guess what?  He hates it.   I believe his exact words were "...the most uncomfortable bike I've ever ridden..."  He's returning to his trusty, mildly-battered Kestrel Airfoil, a veteran of many Ironman battles.

Over a recent sushi and Yazi vodka-fueled dinner in Steamboat Springs, he talked about unloading The Rocket on some poor, unsuspecting gear geek.  Well, that'd be me!  Thus as soon as I dig myself outta the latest snowbank-to-end-all-snowbanks, I'm heading back to The Glen Ellyn Bike Shop and getting measured to see if the frame size and geometry would work for me.

Good thing the Flying Lunchbox has carrying capacity for multiple bikes, inside and upright.  I also need a mountain bike for The Great Suburban Outback's snowy country roads, and a road bike for, well, just because I feel like it.  Hmmm.  I may need a bigger Lunchbox.

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