Friday, January 09, 2009

Oh! My! Goodness!

The Illinois House has impeached Blago.  Though I'm not a constitutional scholar, I believe the next step is a trial of sorts in the Senate.  And therein lies a fairly major rub...

Apparently, Illinois' Senate can't conduct business unless it's properly called to order.  And guess who calls the Senate to order?  Yep!  Blago!

One scenario has the Illinois State Police ARRESTING Blago and transporting him (in handcuffs!!!) to the Senate's chambers where, some legal beagles believe, his mere presence may be enough to consider the Senate called to order. 

But what'll happen if his presence DOESN'T suffice?  What if Blago has to actually slam down a gavel or utter some words or something?  It just gets better and better!  And here you thought you didn't get me anything for Christmas!  

The best part?  I now live in a neighboring state, content to be a simple spectator to this Theater Of the Absurd, an active participant no longer.


Doohickie said...

I lean left-centrist, but today I had to work with some guys out in the shop who lean very far right. What was amazing is that they all kinds of bad things to say about Obama but they never once brought Blago up. The stuff they did bring up was so fantastical as to be gibberish: that on Jan. 20 there will be camels and tents on the grounds of the White House.

Just sayin'...

Vertical Man said...

Yeah, I know a few like that too. Being American implies the right to having and expressing one's own opinion. There's no requirement that says it has to be an INTELLIGENT opinion!

And Blago's just idiotic enough for lots of people to see themselves in his beady. little eyes. A boxer, a street fighter, defender of the little people, an everyman. More's the pity!