Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Read The News So You Won't Have To

Speaking from personal experience, sometimes life swings for your 'nads...and misses!  What a great feeling!

Here's what I had for dinner last night.  I made enough for several days of lunches and snacks.  Yummy!

My goodness.  Add Mom, Dad and a neighbor kid and you've got your own football team.  (Reportedly, Mom plans to breastfeed.  Now, it's true I'm a guy and the mechanics of such things occasionally escape me, but isn't she, like, a little short on breasts or something?)

New research says playing in a lotta dirt may be good for you.  They should come to my house and meet CtWD.  He'd happily play ringleader and show you the Outback's best dirt...mostly in my kitchen.

iPod Shuffle: "I Forget You Every Day" by Chris Whitley, from "Living With the Law."  Roots music with a Daniel Lanois patina.  And "I Need To Know" by Tom Petty, from "You're Gonna Get It!"  Great drum warm-up track.  And "Monday" by ALO, from "Roses & Clover."  A modest little effort that hardly sucks at all.  And "Fotzepolitic" by Cocteau Twins, from "Heaven Or Las Vegas."  Swirling, textured soundscapes.

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