Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Shut Up!

I'm in a bad mood if you couldn't tell by the headline.  And I know it's late to make yet another New Year's resolution - given that you've probably broken most of those you made a few weeks ago - but here's a new one you SHOULD make, late or not: Stop talking on your cell phone while driving!

Just shut up!  I don't care if you've got the Borg look goin' on with that Bluetooth thingie in your ear, or if your fancy German Derpieceofcrapmobile has a microphone built into the windshield.  

What, you think you're special?  You think you CAN drive your Derpieceofcrapmobile, smack bratty back seat kids, carry on a phone conversation AND AVOID TURNING BIKERS LIKE ME INTO ROADKILL? Trust me, your attention span is nowhere near large enough.

Which is, of course, my point.  There's no conversation you can have that's more important than MY right to a small sliver of the road's right shoulder.  And I'll happily stay outta your way if you pay attention and stay safely outta mine.

Triathletes and bikers everywhere thank you.  And I have no illusions at all that you'll do what I ask.  I hope you've got good insurance.

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Doohickie said...


As a bicycle commuter, I couldn't agree more! Shut up & DRIVE!