Monday, August 22, 2005

Go Eat Something!

I'm losing weight, too much weight. And losing it too fast. Even as I write this I'm hesitating. I know that many of you out there struggle with the opposite problem. But at three weeks pre-Steelhead I weighed 154; today, two weeks post-Steelhead, it's 143. Same methodology, same scale, same time of day, same clothing (or the lack thereof), always pre-workout, always pre-breakfast. I can see it in the mirror but, worst of all, I can feel it in my stamina and power particularly on the bike. And my other 'A' race is coming up in six days.

So I reviewed the situation with Karyn. She said that some weight loss after a long race is typical of a revved-up metabolism, but not 11 lbs in little more than a month. She said that something else must be going on, some external stress. Boy, does she know me. Her recommendation: "go eat something, Davis!" As unappealing as it may be right now, I need 3,000+ calories a day to maintain strength. I've probably been well below 2,000 calories per day for several weeks. So it looks like I'll be hitting the Ensure aisle at the local market for a while. Blech.


Keryn said...

I realize that I may not be the best qualified person to give advice on weight gain, but my husband struggles with caloric requirements when he's lifting. He eats tuna sandwiches, peanut butter with apples, protein shakes (blech), and granola bars, etc. He also eats 5-6 times a day when he's gaining. Just a suggestion...I cringe at the thought of you having to drink Ensure all the time.

Shelley said...'re right..I do envy you!!! However, maybe a trip to the Dr. and a physical might be in order too!!!
Good luck...and quit worrying about jumping out of'll be signing up for an Ironman soon..:-D

Vertical Man said...

Thanks, Shelley, for the "get to the doctor" advice. I keep hoping there's another solution! And Keryn, thanks for the suggestions. My problem is that food just isn't appealing right now. I make a meal with the usual portion sizes and can only eat half or less.

mipper said...

ok, i agree with Shelley. if you don't start gaining soon, please go see someone! you know depression can cause loss of appetite (maybe a little crash after realizing a big race?) tell you what, i'll trade spots with you for a while, if you want. ;)

go eat some peanut butter. and while you're at it, have a cheescake! :)

Wil said...
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Wil said...

Dammit man, you are getting WAY too close to what I weigh. You must remedy this situation immediately. Pizza, and lots of it.


mipper said...

oh, one more thing, i tend to think Boost tastes better than Ensure and I think they are pretty close in nutritional value. you're too young to buy Ensure. ;)

you could always try Pediasure.. certainly they would make that taste better since it's for kids, right?

ok, no, i like the cheesecake better!

Vertical Man said...


bunnygirl said...

Hm, I can't imagine not wanting to eat. My problem is that there's always room for more!



When/If you go to the doctor, be sure you get your thyroid checked out.

You may want to try carrying nuts or dried fruit around with you for snacking. Lots of calories but lots of nutrition, too. I know it can be tempting to fill up on empty calories, but... oh heck, have the cheesecake!