Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Reflections On Race Day Morning

Monday's unveiling of "Cloud Gate" in Chicago's Millennium Park. Also known as "The Bean" the sculpture's reflective surface has made it one of the park's favorite attractions.

I'll walk along the edge of the park at 4:00 A.M. Sunday morning on my way from the hotel to transition. The Bean'll be off to my right, glowing in the pre-dawn light.

UPDATE: Commodore asked about "The Bean" - what it is and why it exists? Well, "The Bean" is a huge, kidney bean-shaped "sculpture" of highly-polished, reflective metal that has become an overwhelming crowd favorite in Millennium Park. In its depths it reflects the sky, the city, the crowds and, best of all, you. It's totally mesmerizing for children and adults alike. So I guess it exists for the best reason of all: just for fun!

Millennium Park is Mayor Daley's latest quest to bring the arts, people and a sense of space all to Chicago's lakefront. It appears to be succeeding despite mega cost-overruns and more than the usual amount of Chicago's bullshit politics. It's fun, cool and intriguing, an gorgeous oasis in the midst of one of America's greatest cities. Here's a link to more info. And another link to some "Bean" photos. Come see for yourself. I'm sure Mayor Daley would appreciate it.

UPDATED UPDATE: The entire park cost upwards of $450 million, though quite a bit was from private donations.

(Tribune photo by Candice C. Cusic)


Comm's said...

What the heck is "The Bean" and why does it exsist?

Oldman said...

how much of the taxpayers money was wasted on that?

mipper said...

looks like a really fun place, even with the money issues. however the "spitting fountain", that would just creep me out. i'm such a freak i know i wouldn't let my kids play in it (and YES, i DO know that it isn't spit, LOL). and the bean sculpture, that is just too cool. how will they keep it from corroding over time (a lot more taxpayer money?)