Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"20 Great Reasons To Do A Triathlon"

From the book "Triathlon Training" by Eric Harr, via Men's Health Magazine, here are "20 Great Reasons To Do A Triathlon."

  • You will lose weight.
  • You will look and feel years younger.
  • You will have more energy.
  • You will get more out of your workouts.
  • You will injury-proof your body.
  • You will improve your health.
  • You will live longer.
  • You will be more productive.
  • You will learn to handle stress more effectively.
  • You will build rock-solid self-confidence.
  • Your mood will improve.
  • Your motivation to exercise will soar.
  • You will learn to strengthen your weaknesses.
  • You get to rub shoulders with the best athletes in the world.
  • You will join the fitness elite.
  • You will have an increased sense of purpose in your life.
  • You will become the best that you can be.
  • You will be a hero to your kids.
  • You will motivate and inspire those around you.
  • You will set other positive things in motion - things you never imagined.
I think that's 20. I didn't count 'em. But I'll add one more: you will make lots of new friends in the world's coolest sport.


Jason said...

You will injury-proof your body... I have not figured that part out yet.

One I would add is, I really enjoy all the cool equipment. Something about electronic shifters, just makes me happy.

Cool forum at, which is pretty similar,

Vertical Man said...

Of course! How could I forget all the cool gear!

Mark said...

Amen on the last one. I have met so many wonderful people, with great insight and passion for the sport.

By the way, last summer my oldest son Luca competed in his first triathlon (Finger Lakes Triathlon.) When I was going out last summer to run my 10K route, he would accompany me on his bike. This summer, both of my sons will be old enough. Now, that is great company!