Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday Triathlon Mashup

Avoiding injury, from the NY Times:

"One lesson — that less is more — has come through loud and clear. At the coaching certification clinics run by USA Triathlon, instructors drive home the point that while there are benefits to doing 10 to 12 workouts a week, maybe triathletes don’t need to run as far some days, that a day off is more than good for the soul, and that putting more time on the bike and in the pool can make up for one day fewer spent running."
"Athletic greediness" is how Paula Newby-Fraser describes triathletes' tendency to overtrain. Good term for it.

And here's a possible addition to my 2010 calendar:
the Iron Star Triathlon, November 7, 2010, in Conroe, TX. A half-IM distance race, it's an easy drive from my winter training headquarters.

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