Friday, December 11, 2009

Say! There Are Bubbles From That Hole In The Ice!

Well, the lake iced over last night. So I can't take Camden the Freakin' Wonder Dog in the back yard any more, at least not until spring. He's sufficiently stupid to run down the hill, across the dock and onto the ice where he'd frolic and play...until the ice gave way and he found himself swimming in water only a miniscule degree above absolute zero.

And, heartless bastard that I am, I'd feel absolutely no compunction to rescue the IQ-challenged hound from his own folly. So to avoid y'all laying a huge guilt trip on me, I'm doing the next best thing and banning his sorry ass from the back yard until one of the following events happens: summer arrives, the ice melts, he grows some semblance of a doggie IQ, global warming becomes a fact, or The Goracle volunteers to serve as CtWD's own personal lifeguard.

If he's right about global warming it shouldn't be a very time consuming job.

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