Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday's Triathlon Mashup

A triathlon news mash-up from my vantage point in the Great Suburban Outback. I tri, I see, I search, I read, I blog. All you gotta do is read...

From Tampa Bay Online, a requiem for triathlete Chris Livingston, killed when a car collided with his bike. So sad. Pay attention, dammit! forecasts Lance Armstrong doing for triathlon's popularity what he's already done for cycling's. Mid-pack racers' fortunes are projected to suffer as more sponsorship opportunities go to top pros and race directors. Well, that's one thing I won't have to worry about! I can't even SEE the "mid-pack" from where I race!

Tri-ing in northern Utah? From, here's a club you should join - the Northern Utah Triathlon Club. Now forming, the group welcomes triathletes of all levels and offers group rides, swim clinics and running lectures. Sounds like fun. And as I always say, triathletes are just thousands of friends you haven't yet met.

From, the 2011 ITU Long Distance Worlds will be held in Henderson, NV. I dunno. I've been to Henderson and it's a little, umm, dry and desert-y isn't it? Maybe the swim will be in some stupid golf course's water hazard.

Also from, Rev3 Tri seriously amps up the prize purses. I'd like to do the Cedar Point IM-distance race someday, though there's no worries about writing ME a check!

Finally, from ScapSports blog, here are 10 steps to improve your swimming. I need all of 'em.

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