Monday, November 09, 2009

Two Very Simple Words

The words in question? "Thank you!"

Triathlons would not happen without armies of selfless volunteers, as Brandon Sneed's article in the Star News Online makes clear:
"Months of planning and effort go into enlisting the small army of volunteers required to make possible a streamlined Beach2Battleship Iron Distance Triathlon. So overwhelming was the task last year, volunteer coordinator Mary Toffolon swore she'd never do it again.

“'I was exhausted,' said Toffolon, who also runs the triathlon club at the Wilmington YMCA. “I thought to myself, ‘I can't do this again.' It was fun, but … it just consumed my life for months.”
But after recuperating, Toffolon read triathlon forums on the Internet. “After reading them, I thought, ‘I can't not be involved',” said Toffolon. “It was so clear how involved the volunteers were. It can be a make-or-break situation if the volunteers are good or not.”'
Volunteers aren't out there for the challenge of racing or a finisher's medal. Civic pride and some free coffee seem to be enough. But adding your heartfelt 'thanks' for their assistance increases the likelihood they'll come back next year and bring along some friends.

Two very simple words. Remember 'em as you cruise through that hydration station and accept a cup of cold Gatorade Endurance Formula. How hard can that be?

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