Sunday, March 08, 2009

Life On the Couch

Tornado warnings, driving rain squalls, thunder, lightening, power flickering off and on...nature's pretty loud today, even for the two bald eagles lingering on a snagged log 100 yards off-shore.

Eagles. Birds of prey. Raptors. Hunters. The neighborhood's kitties better look out. There's some new sheriffs in town.

Too wet and dangerous, I'm telling myself, for a run with CtWD. I'd hate to be a lightening rod attached with a metal chain to a big, wet, goofy, four-footed electrode. It'd be just my luck to have my fuzz buzzed while CtWD continues merrily down the road, ears flopping, completely unscathed.

Time for a Spanish And a fire in the fireplace. And a movie...classic Alfred Hitchcock, I'm thinking. Something with Grace Kelly..."Dial 'M' For Murder."

I should probably do some work to prepare for my upcoming week with clients. I hope they like Spanish reds and Hitchcock blonds too.

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