Monday, February 23, 2009

Paul Kimmage Gets His Ass Kicked

I loathe news conferences, whether I'm participating or listening.  Typically, they're little more than reporters making speeches in the guise of asking questions while those up front do their dancing best to answer in the most bland and inoffensive terms so nothing can EVER come back to bite 'em.  I think it's called OPPD - Optimum Public Plausible Deniability.  Or group masturbation, maybe.

"You are not worth the chair you are sitting on!" says Armstrong.  WooHoo!

I've said some unkind things about reporters on this blog.  Most deserved it.  Kimmage RICHLY deserves it and should've known better than to refer to a cancer survivor in such terms.  Watch the video as Lance administers a well-deserved beat-down.


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