Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Kids R Immature. That's Why They're Kids.

I certainly don't endorse smoking dope but, c'mon, is this really that big a deal?  He made a mistake.  Let his sponsors deal with it.  They'll cost him more money than any court-imposed fine.

And CRIMINAL charges?  Yeah, right.  South Carolina must be quite a peaceful place now that all the murderers, rapists, child abusers and drug runners are behind bars, leaving those poor local constables with nothing to do except read the London tabloids and chase kids.

Nothing says "I deserve to keep my job cuz I'm a busy guy with loads of work to do" quite like waiting for some bottom-feeding newspaper to point out who's been a bad little boy.
Maybe the whole town of Mayberry packed up and moved south across the state line cuz it sure sounds like Barney Fife sheriffin' to me.

Tallyho, lads!  Thank God for the Brits!  We got us another one!

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M said...

agreed. i posted on this too. people need to lay off him - after living his life in a pool, he deserves a break to bea kid for once. not that i condone drug use, but come on - who among us hasn't tested the waters, right?

oh, no pun intended there.