Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Favorite 'Local' Triathlons

A Linkedin colleague asked everyone to name their favorite local triathlon.  I gave him two favs: Galena in May and the Devil's Challenge in September.

Both lakes are clean and clear (though Galena can be quite chilly and Devil's Lake somewhat weedy.)  The bike courses are EXCEPTIONALLY hilly, and the runs are out-and-back, with enough varied terrain to keep things interesting.  

Both events are well-organized, the venues are beautiful, there's wonderful fan support, lots for the family to do while you're racing and they're an easy drive for upper-Midwest triathletes.

What more could you ask for?

Let's see, I also like Ripon/Green Lake, Pardeeville, Seahorse, Steelhead...  But I'm already over my limit.  No more favorite triathlons for me!

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