Friday, September 05, 2008

Political BS Alert

It's hard to watch a Democratic operative these days and not hear the "...McCain votes with Bush 90% of the time..." mantra repeated over and over...and over and over.  Hmmm.

I wonder how they figured that out.  I was always taught that SENATORS voted while Presidents LOBBIED and then either SIGNED or VETOED (something about 'separation of powers,' I think.)  And since both the House and Senate are run by Democratic majorities, and nothing reaches the President's desk for signature that hasn't received the majority's consensus support - and I haven't heard of many Bush vetoes - isn't it just as accurate to say that the Democrats in Washington vote with Bush 100% of the time?

Just asking.  Either I gotta find that ancient civics textbook and re-read that chapter, or I may just have to rely on the old saw about "...lies, damn lies and statistics..."  I'm in good company, though.  Entire campaigns are built around it.

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