Thursday, September 04, 2008

I REALLY Haven't Decided...Really...Truly...

After reading last night's post, an e-mailer mused that I must be a closet Republican. Hmmm. Just in case further clarification is needed, I'm in nobody's closet, political or otherwise.  You woulda found out a LONG time ago if I was.

This was obviously not a long-time reader, otherwise s/he'd know that I'm not shy about expressing devil-may-care opinions - even those with little or no basis in reality...I just wish I could figure out which opinions those are. (Oh hell, I don't really care now that I think about it. I'm gonna just keep throwin' 'em out there.)  And if I ever do choose a party affiliation you'll be among the first to know.  Aren't you thrilled?

But here's how I parse things as I consider which dark, depressing political closet to enter, holding my nose with one hand and a death grip on my wallet with the other: I kinda like Obama but worry about the troika of Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi running the country. Blech. Rub together the IQs and sincerity quotients of the latter two and you still wouldn't generate enough spark to light some impoverished taxpayer's last candle.

And I kinda like Palin too, but worry about Grandpa McCain nodding off in his Oval Office chair at the wrong time and accidently, oh, I dunno, maybe signing Alaska back over to Putin and the other KGB thugs masquerading as the current Russian government. Though my money's on Palin if it becomes a "my gun is bigger than yours" contest.

There you have it. Still undecided and uncloseted. Still throwing opinions at the blogosphere's wall to see what sticks and what pisses-off.  I'm cool either way.

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