Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I Haven't Decided Who To Vote For But...

...Sarah Palin's biggest problem on the campaign trail is likely to be that she's about 100 times smarter and way less bitter than the average east coast editorial-writing columnist. Must be all that fresh air in Alaska.  

I love underdogs.  I hope she kicks ass cuz there's lotsa folks out there praying she doesn't - like Joe Biden who, somehow, always manages to look like the cat that swallowed a sour mouse.

UPDATE:  Obama's campaign flacks needs to get past the "Dubya Redux" response if he's gonna win the election.  Hello!  Try running FOR something, not just AGAINST something or someone.  But given the Democrats' natural tendencies toward political suicide, I wonder if they'll figure it out sooner - when it might help - or later when it won't.

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Bob Mitera said...

I like her. I thought she knocked it out of the park.

Still not sure who I will vote for yet. Need more details on where they stand on a lot of things.