Friday, September 05, 2008

Comings And Goings

Man, Labor Day came and went like a ghost and summer promptly got the hell outta town, too. Low temperatures in the Great Suburban Outback are supposed to dip into the FORTIES tonight.  I could use a little more global warming, if only for another month or so.  You'd think that two political conventions and all the accompanying hot air would keep things nice and balmy for a few more weeks. Maybe humans don't affect the weather as much as The Goracle thinks.

Camden the Wonder Dog has returned for the school year with Tri-Daughter #3; I'm once again dragging his sorry tail all over the GSO on short and medium-distance runs.  He loves running, well, the first mile or so anyway.  He's not such a big fan of miles 4, 5 and 6.  Wait 'til I do a 13-miler.  He'll sleep for a week....just one of the many side benefits of training.

T-D #3's best friend is living here for a while, along with her cat.  Kitty is, thankfully, declawed but that hasn't stopped her from smacking CtWD right on the nose with a satisfying "THWACK!"  Way to go, Kitty!  Wind up and hit 'im again!

I'm gonna get on my bike when - or more accurately, if - the rain clouds depart. The Weather Chick says they're remnants of the latest storm-to-end-all-storms. She's probably right.  In the meantime, like the wuss that I am, I'm reassembling the CycleOps trainer to prepare for the inevitable day (like next week) when it's TOO COLD to ride outside.  It'll be in an unused basement family room next to da DW Drums, a big TV and a door looking out over the lake...all the better to spend hours riding like hell and going nowhere.

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