Friday, September 05, 2008

Life On the Autobahn

I think I need to study the German language. A while back I used the term "mucho sucko" in a post about the Sopranos' finale, which I truly believed sucked muchly. And now, StatCounter tells me there's been a surge of German Googlers landing on Life Is A Tri all because they're Googling "mucho sucko."

I can't figure it out. This is just a lightly-trafficked blog, an internet backwater if there ever was one. Maybe it's because, after owning several, I've concluded that German cars are over-engineered, pretentious pieces of crap and der Google-meisters think THAT'S what the term refers to.

Possibly it's some obscure German insult of which I, having wasted two years in college FRENCH classes, was totally unaware.

Or, maybe life in Germany has finally become SO stupefyingly boring that there's nothing else to do. That's probably it, in which case there's no need at all for me to learn German. Whew.

UPDATE:  An e-mailer of Hanseatic heritage informs me that "mucho sucko" is not a German epithet and the mis-directed Google-meisters are probably looking for a certain kind of porn. Hah!  That's funny.  Wrong site, wanko-meisters!  Now go away.

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