Monday, August 18, 2008

Invisibility Cloaks Come To Triathlon

From The Canberra Times;

Interesting strategy - wearing camouflage suits to be LESS visible.  And doesn't the use of the word "targeted" imply a belief that what Snowsill suffered in last year's swim was somehow intentional?  Apparently so, as her coach comments;

"The open water swim is very rough and people tend to converge on each other because there are no lanes. There can be physical interaction and the perception is that at times it can be deliberate."

I didn't see the race in question, but have been swam over, kicked, punched and generally abused enough times during triathlon swims to know not to take it personally or worry about nefariousness at work.

I'd worry that being difficult to spot in the water makes the likelihood of unintentional contact even greater.  We'll have to see.  (Oops.  No pun intended.)

UPDATE:  it worked, whatever she did.  She took home the gold medal.  

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