Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vertical News

Send 'em my way.  I love tacos.  And Angelenos have too much time on their hands.  Maybe they need an earthquake or something.

Those wacky Swiss.  

I hate foie gras, but wouldn't mind devoting the geese on my lake to the cause.

First it's too DRY, then it's too WET...stop whining already!  Maybe it's all Rush's fault.

ATTENTION GEEKS!  Your summer vacation agenda is now complete.

ATTENTION GIRLS:  Exercise is good.  Except when it's bad.

Whew.  Enough news from the vertical perspective for one day.  Time for some pinot noir.

iPod Shuffle:  "Heart Of Glass" by Blondie, from "Best of Blondie."  And "A Tribute To A Rose" by Jimmy Ponder, from "Jazz For A Rainy Afternoon."

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