Friday, May 09, 2008

News From A Vertical Perspective

Let's see...

Looks like there's stormy weather of another kind at The Weather Channel.

Your new pharmacy:  Lake Michigan.  Just gotta get triathletes to stop those pre-race group pees.

This is cool.  Maybe my former Great Plains home can learn a thing or two.  Nah.  What am I thinking?  

I don't need another hobby, but I'm doing this anyway.  Pass the tomato, red onion & basil salad, all fresh-picked as of 10 minutes ago.   Enough left over to sell.

I read cosmology books for fun.  Looking forward to hearing more from this guy.

And that folks is a very modest, idiosyncratic cross-section of the world on vertical hold.  Oh yeah, time for a Tri-Daughter update, thanks for asking.  In no particular order...

Tri-Daughter #3's friends are here cleaning the pool!  Yay!  That "no workee, no swimee" speech musta worked.  Meanwhile T-D #3 is off for a day of job interviews in Chicago.  Some friend SHE is!  

Tri-Daughter #1 spent her winter in Hawaii and California.  She's bopping through the Outback next week on her way to a residency in Cleveland.  Winter in the sun..summer in Cleveland...kid knows her geography and weather patterns.

Tri-Daughter #2 is a newly-minted RN at one of Chicago's prestigious teaching in an urban loft with T-D #1 (when she's in town) and 2 annoying kitties. She's working 3X12 hour days per week and goofing off the rest.

Tri-Daughter #4 is coming home for the summer.  Yay! I guess she's tired of the 116 degree heat in Tempe.  Hopefully she'll spend lots of quality time up here wakeboarding.  Guess I'd better learn how to drive the boat.  She's dating a pitcher for a major-league baseball team (not the Cubs or White Sox.) If it lasts I'll have to form a new allegiance or risk being sent to a really CRAPPY nursing home!

CtWD's gnawing on a huge beef knuckle that I tracked down and killed in the grocery store's aisle #6.  Windy, rainy and cold today here in the GSO.  The hot tub's great but not really set up for swimming laps.  I wanna swim in the lake!  Where the hell is summer?

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