Friday, May 23, 2008

Remedial Economics for the NY Times Newsroom

"Jimmah" Carter couldn't do it with his crappy cardigan and scolding TV speeches.  Congressional liberals couldn't do it despite years of dark mutterings about oil company profits and offshore drilling.   Generations of granola-pounding eco-Nazis failed at it too, despite being annoyingly sure what was good for the rest of us.

What is 'it'?  Why, convincing American consumers to change their profligate energy-consuming habits, of course.

Now, The New York Times reports on high gas prices and Americans' emerging willingness to embrace alternate energy and public transportation, forswear gas-hogging land-barges, and actually WALK to the store.  It must just KILL the Times' newsroom to admit that the market is working and that prices do indeed drive behavior, sometimes in a positive direction.  But of course, the Times being the Times, the article closes with an obligatory, isolationist rant about crooked politicians and venal oil companies.

Yeah, that's it.  THEY forced you to buy that SUV and live 50 miles from work.  THEY'RE the reason you never walk anywhere and your ass is 27 sizes bigger than 10 years ago.  Go ahead; look for someone to blame.  Better yet, someone to sue.  SOME things about Americans never change.

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