Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning

Thanks to the Cowboy Junkies for the title, except today's a rainy, gray day here in the Great Suburban Outback. The sun came up somewhere but you wouldn't know it looking out my window.

I took yesterday off, skipping the scheduled swim. Today it's an hour on my choice of elliptical trainer, rowing machine, stairmaster or stationary bike and another hour in the weight room. I'm also scheduling a visit to my friendly podiatrist to get some nagging foot pain diagnosed. And buying new running shoes, another pair of the Asics Gel-Kayanos I've come to love.

I faced 50+ MPH wind gusts during half of Sunday's 16-mile, 2:30 run (the 'back' half of two 8-mile, out-and-back loops.) I'd still be picking leaves and twigs out of my hair if I had any, another underappreciated benefit of the, er, streamlined look.

I'm reading: "Reunion", by Alan Lightman. Poet turns 50 and reminisces...

iPod shuffled to: "At the End Of The Day" by Mavis Staples. A visit deep into the heart of faith and passion.


soccerdad said...

i know what you mean about the wind on sunday. trust me, 3 hours to the south of you it wasn't any better - and i was on the bike getting in a late season ride!

Wil said...

GAH with that wind! If it's anything like it was on this side of the lake, holy cow. You deserve your medal now!

Comm's said...

good job getting in the miles. thats a good pace. That is my marathon pace for an average race, whats that about a 9:20 mile.

Since i am treating Changs as a training run, I am sliding back to 10 or 10:20 a mile.

Spence said...

Which Kayanos have you liked? I LOVED the IX, missed the X and HATED the XI. The XI were so awful that I had to retire them at about 175 miles total - they bottomed out and I had serious achilles pain. Just my two cents but wanted you to know my experience... hope your foot feels better!!