Wednesday, November 16, 2005


50+ MPH wind gusts are tearing through the Great Suburban Outback again today, accompanied by 25 degree temperatures and the season's first snow flurries. Blech. Not being a big frostbite fan, I'm moving today's scheduled track workout to tomorrow - when at least the sun is predicted to be shining - in favor of doing tomorrow's scheduled 1:30 bike workout (indoors on the trainer) and a :30 minute yoga class instead.

The aforementioned track workout is another exercise in pace recognition. Karyn wants me to run 2X1200's at a 4:55-5:00 pace and 2X800's at 3:18-3:20 (that's roughly 1:40 per 400 - fast but not all-out.)

Pace recognition is a huge part of my training for the upcoming P.F. Chang's Rock 'n Roll Marathon. Based on my pace in the recent Veterun 10K (6:56 min/mile) and the application of some mysterious formulary voodoo, Karyn believes me capable of a 3:32 marathon. I'd be thrilled with that outcome, but would happily settle for anything under 4:00. I'm putting in the training volume, so staying healthy between now and race day and nutrition/hydration ON race day are going to make the difference.

I'm reading: "South: The Endurance Expedition" by Ernest Shackleton. Courage, heroism and leadership amidst a harrowing, brutal quest for survival.

iPod shuffle: "Mystery Train" by Junior Wells. Wonderful acoustic blues.


mipper said...

isn't this your first marathon? you are unreal! i can't wait to see what you bring in. either way, finish vertical and you are still my hero. ;)

minus the whole race strategy and skirt thing...

The Spandex-King said...

6:56 minute miles. That's my bicycling pace. You can run along side me. Good Luck!! Oh yes winter sucks. It's winter in Wisconsin today also. My weather today is your weather tomorrow.
P.S: Sorry to tell you, Tomorrow doesn't look good for you either

Vertical Man said...

Oh, Mipper, so sorry to disappoint you!

Wil said...

OK. Will you just go pro already? Good Lord, man. You're getting wicked fast.

Comm's said...

I read the shakleton book earlier this year and its probably my favorite book of leadership survival ever.