Sunday, August 21, 2005

Training Schedule for August 22-28, 2005

This is another Taper/Race week for me, with Accenture Chicago coming up on Sunday. Total training hours are at 8:15, race included.

  • Monday: Swim 1:00 (2,550)
  • Tuesday: Run 0:45; Bike 0:45
  • Wednesday: Bike 1:15
  • Thursday: Run 0:30; Swim 0:45 (1,800)
  • Friday: Day Off
  • Saturday: Brick 0:45
  • Sunday: RACE!! 2:30 is the goal.

The goal for Monday's swim is a strong, consistent pace. Tuesday's run includes 4X20 second strides and 6X1 minute HARD intervals. Wednesday's bike features 4X2 minute race-pace efforts. Saturday's light effort brick keeps the pipes clean and clear.

Then it's early to bed and early to rise on Sunday because I have a DATE at 4:00 A.M. Yep, a date with 7,800 triathletes. ITP is racing, so is Karyn along with several of her clients and, how about this, my cardiologist! Hope he has his pager!


Flatman said...

Can't wait to watch the play-by-play! I all signed up and ready to go.

Wil said...

COOL! Wish I could be there for this one. Take a bunch of pics when you can ;)