Saturday, August 20, 2005

Jump! Jump! Jump!

OK, Tri-Blogger alliance, enough already. Your chorus (with 4-part harmony) of "Jump! Jump! Jump!" has been heard loud and clear. Yes, that means I'm going skydiving. When? Likely this fall but possibly next spring. Gotta clear my personal decks of a few other action items first, finish the triathlon season healthy and vertically, and have my PCP arrange a prescription for artificial courage.

Wil, since the loudest voice in the chorale was yours, you are welcome to join me!

The photos below are of today's bike racing action from Downers Grove, IL.


Wil said...

OK, me and my big mouth! If you're not going until the fall or spring, I believe that I can swing that! But we have to be careful not to die, or otherwise maim ourselves...might put a damper on IMMOO, ya know?

Vertical Man said...

Yep, tough to do an Ironman when you're only 18 inches tall as a result of screwing yourself into the ground at 120 MPH!

nancytoby said...

Why wait that long just to obsess and get even more fearful over it? Why not do it, say, next weekend? It's not like obeying the laws of gravity is something you have to *train* for!

tri-mama said...

11:27 pm, 4:27am do you people ever sleep?

Must bring camera-this is one race report I won't want to miss!

Well unless you splat, I don't really like pictures with blood and carnage.