Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Thanks For the Torture!

I knew that last week's "Steelhead Thanks" post ran the risk of leaving someone out. Sure enough, it did. I neglected to thank the organizers of the General Fitness Boot Camp program at Lifetime Fitness in Burr Ridge, IL. They started me on this crazy journey. (Here's a link to a more extensive Boot Camp post from last October if you're curious.)

Frank, a glowering, unpredictable coach/holy terror ran the program. Monique and Jean were his faithful lieutenants/hit men. Throughout all of 2003, every weekday precisely at 6:00 A.M., one of them yelled "LINE UP." And we did. The rest is a fog of calisthenics, runs, drills and "missions." Seven months into the program I completed my first tri and said "Wow. Boot Camp's WAY tougher than this!" And it was.

So Frank, Monique and Jean, thanks for kicking my ass and charging me for it! See what you unleashed? And I guess I should thank Georgia, too. She twisted my arm 'til I signed up. That hurt almost as much as Boot Camp did!

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