Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fear Of Falling

Tri-blogger Nancy Toby's post today mused about fears and phobias. As I commented on her blog, my fears are flying, heights and falling, all of which came together recently in a friendly but ill-advised wager. The bet: ITP would do a triathlon with me if I'd skydive with ITP. ITP has triathloned. I haven't skydived. And though ITP's been patient, I'm not gettin' off the hook either. Sheesh. Me and my big mouth.


Keryn said...

I'm terrified of heights - almost to the extreme. I completely understand the fear. However, facing a fear like that makes finishing a triathlon (something you know you can do, but are often nervous about) a lot easier to cope with. Just think, you'll be saying, "Hell, I jumped out of a plane! I can do an ironman!" :)

Shelley said...

Somehow jumping out of a plane right now seems easier than doing an's over in a few seconds, an IM takes months and months to prepare and hours and hours to complete...ahhhh, go for the jump..LOL

tri-mama said...

You are definitely in a bind, I think I would go with a tandem jump so all you have to do is suit up and follow the jumpers instruction, they push you out the door and pull the chute etc. Good Luck!