Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'll Have Hot Fudge

Here's a description of the race I'm doing this weekend (with my comments in parentheses) from Chicago Athlete Magazine:

"Living in the Midwest, there's hardly a more scenic race venue than that of the Pewaukee Lake Triathlon, which is tucked in the hills of Kettle Moraine State Park on the eastern shore of Lake Pewaukee, just 20 miles west of Milwaukee. (so far so good)

"Pewaukee is a quaint Wisconsin town (aren't they all), but beyond the beach you'll find a challenging bike and run course (yay!) The route lies just south of the highest point (that's like being the tallest Hobbit) in all of Wisconsin - Holy Hill - which you won't actually summit (thank God), but you can count on your gears and legs getting a serious workout on the rural roads surrounding it. (hooray!)

"...the highlight of the event, according to race director Frank Dobbs, is...the all-you-can-eat ice the finish line." (alrighty then)

Leg-burning hills vs. all-you-can-eat ice cream. That's a toss-up in my book.


Nicole-AFW said...

I'm from Milwaukee, and where the tri is being held IS gorgeous.

And yes, be thankful you will not be summiting Holy Hill.

Be very thankful. :)

Keryn said...

Well, that beats the doughnut run. :)

Wil said...


OK. I can't wait to hear all about this race on Tuesday.

Vertical Man said...

Nicole - thanks for the info. I was hoping for a flat course, but the hills are probably better for me since this is really just a training race for Steelhead.

Keryn - bring on the Krispy Kremes!

Wil - next year we gotta get you on the local tri circuit more often!

mipper said...

have a scoop for me, extra fudge. ;)