Thursday, July 21, 2005

Firefly Dance

Nothing too strenuous or interesting going on in the Great Suburban Outback. I finally got around to buying sweat-absorbing headbands at the local mega-giga-sportsgoogleplex store. Even more amazing, one of the little slackers masquerading as an employee actually knew where in the store they were located. The local bike shop replaced a psychotic cable on the tri-bike's rear derailer; it worked perfectly during a 1:30 ride this evening, as did everything during the ensuing 30 minute, 3-mile run.

Though this weekend is supposed to be brutally hot, tonight is a perfect, soft, velvet-aired Midwestern evening, the kind that sparks torrid love affairs, inspires great American novels and permanently etches childhood memories. The fireflies are doing their dance, the crickets their serenade. The moon is a day or two past full but still bright enough to lend its smile to summer fun. Now all I have to do is get the world to leave me in peace for a moment. Cacophony is over-rated, especially when compared to the ephemeral embrace of a mid-summer evening.

Tomorrow is a travel/active recovery/taper day. I intend to make the most of the active recovery/taper part (in fact I think I've already started!) but travel is a necessary evil. I'll leave early enough to get a jump on the stressed-out hordes escaping the Great Suburban Outback's smoldering asphalt, and should be in Pewaukee (swimming the tri course a few times) while they're stuck feeding spare change into tollbooths.

Have a great weekend everybody!


mipper said...

goodness, i got misty eyed for a moment. that was almost enough to make me want to move back to the midwest... um, well... almost. rest the best you can tomorrow, drive safely (and defensively) and rock the course hard core. i know you'll do great.

Keryn said...

Seems like Wil's not the only poet in tri-geek land after all!

Flatman said...

Who knew you had that in you...very nice!

Good luck this weekend!

Phil said...

That 2nd paragraph was great - and it brought back warm and fuzzy memories from my childhood. I think you just penned the intro to that great novel.

tarheeltri said...

Yes, excellent post. As much as I love the beach, you make me almost (I said almost) want to move there!

Heather said...

Have a great trip. I almost signed up for that race! My family is in Wisconsin and I thought it would be a good opportunity for a visit and a race -- unfortunately it didn't work out.

Good luck.

jessie_tri_mn said...

Hi fellow midwesterner!

Your post made me forget that I've been sitting in a windowless cubicle for the past 9 hours..

Good luck on your race :)

Jack Jenkins said...

Ah, the fireflies! having lived in both Ohio and Iowa for a couple of stints, and a bunch of time in Virginia, your "Midwestern Evening" brought back fond memories of those velvet evenings of which you speak.


I'm a native western, prone to cottonwoods, cool creek bottoms hidden in endless praries and shortgrass, but ... the fireflies of the east; well, they got thorough to me. No wonder people sometimes choose to think of them as fairies in the night.

Good luck with the race... and keep Wil honest!


Wil said...

Wow! I'd never uh-thunk it, VM. All that and a poet, too!

And what's this mess about keeping ME honest there, Jack, my friend? Don't you know that this man is too far ahead of me at any given point on the swim, bike, and run to keep me honest!? :)

Kick some butt out there this weekend, VM!!!!!!!!! See ya Tuesday!