Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Anybody Know Any Good Marathons?

Through my general sloth, forgetfulness and procrastination, I neglected to sign up for the Chicago Marathon and now the race is full. Yep, 40,000 slots and I'm on the outside looking in. Doesn't bode well for IMMOO does it?

I'm pretty certain that Karyn is gonna insist on me getting some experience at the marathon distance this fall. So, any suggestions on other marathons? Some really spectacular warm-climate location that I can get to using frequent flier miles on American Airlines would be ideal.

I've been considering January's Rock 'n Roll Marathon in Arizona. It sounds like a blast and it's the weekend of the Tri-Wife's birthday. I could make the trip sound like a birthday gift for her even though we all know...

Oh, shut up. Like you've never done that.


mipper said...

i know i'd gladly take a trip in favor of my husband for my birthday as long as i got a good (and i mean GOOD) shopping allowance. that pretty much makes up for just about anything. :) good luck finding something. the only marathons i could tell you of around my way are this upcoming weekend and then there is one in St. George Utah in October. I hear it's good, but that's all I've heard. St. George is about an hour away from Las Vegas though... so I think that is a big selling point for most people there.

nancytoby said...

Gasparilla (15K, 5K, and marathon or half marathon over a weekend, or any one of the above) or Disney are good January options. Take a look through the ratings at www.marathonguide.com and good luck!

Keryn said...

The only ones I know of are the ones in my area - Omaha in September and Lincoln in May - both in Nebraska. Sorry man...nothing big or exciting in my neck of the woods. Hell...I could only find one sprint tri within a three hour drive and maybe three olympic ones. Nutz, eh?

Cathy said...

Hi, I found your blog recently & find it very inspiring.

If altitude doesn't bother you, which with a nickname like vertical man it should not, you might consider this one:


you can register for it at active.com

September 25th in Boulder CO. Given our capricious weather it could be 85 and sunny or a blizzard. The attendance is a bit smaller than some of the others you have considered.

Vertical Man said...

Mipper: oh, I'm pretty sure there will be a shopping allowance involved!

nancytoby: Disney's a good idea. I'll check into it.

Keryn: Don't take this personally, but Omaha and Lincoln are not high on my list of "to visit" locations!

Cathy: thanks for reading! A Colorado location sounds intriguing, though the 9/25 date is a little early. My last tri is on 9/19 so that doesn't leave a lot of training time.

Flatman said...

Hey man, come to Dallas and do the White Rock Lake "Run the Rock" marathon with me (December 11)! It will be my first as well. Warm climate you say? It has been around 55 degrees the last couple of Christmases around here! Oh, and tell the wife my wife will take her shopping! She knows all the spots, believe me!

smm said...

You forgot?!!! I'm shocked - seriously, schedule a spa weekend for your tri-wife and I'm sure all will work out. Do I keep track of marathons? - NO. Although there was a lovely one in Fargo this year.

Vertical Man said...

Somehow 'lovely' and 'Fargo' don't seem to belong in the same sentence! I agree that a spa weekend is a good idea...but FOR ME! I'm the one RUNNING A MARATHON!

mipper said...

good man! carte blanc on the credit card make sup for a whole dang lot. :)

and i like nancy's idea... DISNEY! but i am a disney freak, so i would say that. also i thought last night of Flatman doing his first marathon as well and then saw he invited you along. and the rolling hills in his areas really are gorgeous, one of the things i love about Texas--all that sky and just waves of hills.

good luck deciding. if my vote counts i say disney though. PLUS, WDW has some AWESOME spas and dowtown disney is a shoppers paradise for the tri-wife. also, you can't beat all of the restaurants for a post race/birthday celebration. but again, my vote doesn't count. (i'm just givng you the pros on that one, LOL).

bunnygirl said...

What's your time window? Texas has a lot of late fall and winter marathons:

November: San Antonio
December: Dallas
January: Houston
February: Austin and Fort Worth

Outside of Texas, Lake Tahoe has an October marathon. So does Albuquerque -- take the wife shopping in Santa Fe the next day. San Diego is in January and is supposed to be good. New Orleans Mardis Gras marathon is the first week of February.

I second Nancy's recommendation about the marathon guide: http://www.marathonguide.com/

Anonymous said...

This is going to be my first marathon...next year!


nancytoby said...

Don't discount Gasparilla in Tampa if you want a Florida vacation without all the Disney expense and hoopla - great event! Ask Linae, local resident: http://linae.blogspot.com/

Comm's said...

I know I am hitting this late but..
Come down to do RnR arizona in January. I am planning on running it and tri-mama may come down with some gals and run it. Its January 11th, which I think is a 3 day weekend for MLK Day. The first year, which I ran was 78 and hot but last year it was 73-74 and not as bad, I know its not much but it feels different.

There is a great spa I go to that wife would love, its spendy for a massage but world class spa facilities. Its the Camelback Inn. I could talk to Mistress about you staying at our place for the weekend.