Friday, June 03, 2005

Where Has The Week Gone?

Not much blogging this week; too much work to do around The Great Suburban Outback's Outpost #2. I've gotten a couple of good workouts in, though. Several long bike rides and a really good track workout (though not EXACTLY what Karyn called for...more about that in a minute.) I've also taken a couple of days off from training. Tapering rocks!

Oh, and let me offer some additional evidence that Girls Do Indeed Rock (see my previous post.) I must admit right up front to being possibly the world's biggest mechanical doofus. I can barely put gas in my car without reading the owner's manual. Anyway, here at Outpost #2 we have a ski boat, a miserable, cold-hearted, money-burning, nasty-dispositioned son of a bitch of a creature, the mechanics of which totally elude me. After multiple dead batteries stranded multiple Tri-Daughters up and down the lake, Tri-daughter #2 (last weekend's birthday girl) localized the problems to a defective alternator. She went to the marina, picked up the alternator AND installed it. Is that great or what? Anybody know exactly what an alternator is?

On the aforementioned track workout, Karyn wanted me to run an easy mile to warm-up, then run 4X1 mile descends (i.e. each mile should get faster.) She wanted mile #2 to be at my 10K pace and the 4th mile to be really flying (for me.) I ran the 4 miles as follows: 6:46, 7:09, 6:58 and another 7:09. Not the called-for descends, and I'd probably have been a bit faster had I run with the usual Wednesday evening track group instead of alone. Still, I was pleased with the pace overall and that I was able to sustain it.

Now I'm thinking that my goal of 8:00 miles in Sunday's Seahorse Olympic-distance tri ought to be revised downward a bit. I need to go out at a sustainable pace, hold it through the first 3 miles and run strong through the last 3, pushing the pace a bit faster with each. We'll see how it goes. A 2:30 Olympic-distance tri is still my #1 goal.

I told Karyn that I was retiring once I achieved 2:30. She told me I had too much untapped potential to retire. I guess that's a good thing - certainly better than hearing "You've peaked, you geezer!" Reaching that potential is really gonna hurt, I'll bet.


Wil said...

Your daughter is AWESOME! WTG for her with the boat.

Your workouts sound should have jumped in that lake for a swim, though!!!

nancytoby said...

Yeah, tell tri-daughter that we said SHE RULZ!

And that's some awesome running! Good luck on the tri!!