Friday, June 03, 2005

I Am Vertical Man

I've been in search of a "handle," a nickname like all the other TGD team members. Wil helped me sort through a bunch of options, offering sage advice to reject several ideas with, ahem, unfortunate connotations.

Now, in honor of my "Finish Vertically, Not Horizontally" mantra, I've decided to wear the cape of Vertical Man. Though you'll never see Vertical Man's bald, nearsighted visage on any comic books, video games or movie posters, he always reserves the right to show up unnanounced at a triathlon near you.

To ward off possible trademark violations, I Googled "Vertical Man" and found some obscure poetry, a book about art in primitive Indian cultures and the 1998 release from a guy named Ringo Starr. Vertical Man as a name still works though, since Ringo is a drummer and (if you've read my profile) you know that drummers are cool.

Finish vertically...


Shelley said...

Vertical man?? I like it.. :-))

Comm's said...

I like it.

Its different, its heroic, its YOU.

"Vertical, Vertical, and Away!"

Wil said...

Ha - that was a good one, Com.

VM - Makes me wonder what your tag line would have been with some of those other names...LOL!!!!

Vertical Man said...

Um, you don't want to know, Wil!