Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Fleeting and Random Seahorse Impressions

Wearing a wetsuit on a 90 degree day, realizing that you're overheating 1/3 of the way through the swim and that your wetsuit is full of, not water, but sweat. Not cool. I hate wetsuits.

Mr. Rear Disc Wheel Jerkwad, who rudely told me I was taking up too much of HIS road. I smoked him 2 miles later and never saw him again. Nice because it's the ONLY good thing I did on the bike all day. Him: not cool. Me: like I said, small victories.

A long, quarter-mile uphill run to the finish line. I was NOT going to stop and walk in front of all the spectators. I didn't. I should've.

I asked lots of racers how they were doing, and had lots ask me. I don't think I looked any worse than anybody else because we all looked pretty bad, but it's nice that there's some mutual concern and attention paid on such a challenging day.

I was in one of the early swim waves and was soon caught by all the youngsters. So I figured I'd try drafting one of them, and actually did so...for a few minutes. Drafting on the bike: bad. Drafting on the swim: good!

How on earth can you eat pizza (with pineapple on it no less) a few minutes after finishing a tri? Blech. My stomach and I are NOT on speaking terms for a few hours after a race. Not even bananas are welcomed.

That slippery stuff on the beach turned out to be goose poop. Not cool. I hate geese.

God, I love those iced towels they hand out at the finish line. Way cool.

Some early finishers, upon hearing that the 2nd water station had run out of cups, bringing full water bottles out to runners still on the course. Cool.

The half of the run on scorching asphalt: not cool. the other half through the shady woods: cool.

The speedbump just down the hill from T1's bike exit: WTF? And it got me again coming into T2. That one's my fault.

The nice guys from Breakaway Bicycles who fixed my bike computer and a balky front derailer at the last minute. Very cool and thanks.


nancytoby said...

Good summary! Those things are always helpful to review next time you do the race! I love the earlier finishers bringing water out on the course - that rocks!

soccerdad said...

excellent job steve. i'm in total agreement about eating after a race. normally, i'd feast on all the pizza and goodies, but not after an effort like that. i remember just after finishing the muncie endurathon 1/2 IM, someone handed me a piece of pepperoni pizza. i felt obligated and took a bite. yuck. i just couldn't eat any more. and trust me, that's really unusual!

Comm's said...

steve, you just went through the grinder and finished. You are a better man and triathlete for it. I don't have a tri on my sites for two months and its dead center of summer in Phoenix, only 3% humidity but closer to 110 degress and scorching sun. I will be reviewing your race as a mental reminder of what the heat can do to all the best laid plans.

Great job for you.

Wil said...

AGH on the goose poop - like my duck mud, NO thank you, I don't want to know.

I hear you on the pizza - give me three or four hours and then we'll talk about it. No, I won't be able to talk with all that pizza in my mouth, never mind.

Gotta love the towels, OMG. Almost as good as stopping!

Shelley said...

cool report...I remember at IMFLA I passed a ton of people with disc wheels, I don't own one and often wonder if I need one, but after IMFLA I decided i'll save the $500 bucks..what I have is working.. :-)