Friday, June 10, 2005

Oh My Aching Back!

This week's training schedule has been hit or miss (mostly miss.) I've completely avoided the bike in favor of running, swimming, strength work and a massage, and have talked to anybody and everybody with an opinion to offer about how to remove the knife blades from my back. Actually it's the sacroiliac joint, but to me that's just a big word clinicians use.

I'm starting to come around to the opinion that it's primarily a bike fit issue, with core strength and flexibility as secondary contributing factors. A discussion this afternoon with a former strength trainer/current bike enthusiast produced the opinion that it's a right leg imbalance in my pedal stroke, perhaps worsened by my right cleat canting the knee to the outside. This causes a chain of cascading events (that I'm too tired to remember or recount) resulting in a major pain in the ass...literally.

I'm seeing a bike fitter next Tuesday who is reputed to be a wizard at diagnosing these things. I hope so, because the way I felt Sunday after 12 miles did serious damage to my confidence in my ability to get through 56 miles on August 6th. A relative piece of cake if not for the pain, but there it is...8 weeks away. Jeez Louise.

A long run tomorrow morning and a long swim in the evening is about all I'm good for right now. Sunday morning I'll watch ITP's relay team compete in a local triathlon. Go ITP!

And now excuse me while I go ice my ass.


FTL said...

When i replaced my bike, the bike mechanic guru spent a good amount of time fitting me. I later put some aerobars on them and he kept some extra spacers on so i wasnt too aero too soon. Kind of a gradual drop over time, removing the spacers. Sounds like u got it figured out. good luck.

nancytoby said...

LOL! Great signoff! You can do it - make those adjustments slowly, one at a time, and you'll get there!

Wil said...

OK, no screwing yourself up allowed here my friend. We have an appointment in eight weeks.

Speaking of which, don't worry about the 56 - you already flew over that course. It's in the bag.

Comm's said...

You and I have similiar problems though mine ins not bike related but an overcompensation in my back for a tight hamstring. Been holding me up for quite a while.