Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Intrepid...and Encouraging

I mentioned in yesterday's post that Intrepid Training Partner (ITP) finished the Seahorse sprint-distance race. This morning my e-mail in-box contained a message from ITP with these encouraging words:

"I'm surprised you didn't point your finger more towards the effects of the heat. That prairie could've doubled as the world's largest oven. Did you happen to see the write-up of the race? It was 93 and HUMID. And you rightly earned your alter ego as "Vertical Man" --- others weren't so fortunate. Although you looked like death warmed over at the finish (very warmed over), you strongly resembled everyone else who crossed the finish line of the long course race. Pat yourself on the back (your sore back). You ENDURED that race. You pushed yourself to FINISH that race. That's a statement right there. In that respect, it was your best race."

Thanks, ITP! That's what training partners are for. Oh, and ITP raced to a 5th place age group finish. Way to go, ITP! You rock!

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nancytoby said...

Good post! At 93 degrees, that indeed is an awesome finish! Well done, VERTICAL MAN!!