Saturday, May 07, 2005

Training Recap for Week of May 2-8, 2005

I've been doing more training than blogging this week, and realized that I'd forgotten to post my schedule for the two of you who give a flying fig about such things. Anyway, the week drawing to a close was Week 3 of Base 3. Total training hours were a healthy 13.46.

  • Monday: Bike 1:30, Strength :20
  • Tuesday: Run 1:20, Strength :10
  • Wednesday: Run :40, Bike 1:00
  • Thursday: Swim 1:00, Run :30
  • Friday: Bike 2:30 (Galena)
  • Saturday: Swim 1:00, Strength :45
  • Sunday: Bike 3:00

A great week, all things considered, especially coming off Sunday's duathlon. I think Karyn tried to teach me a lesson (that I should train more and race less) by piling on a heavy training week right after a race. She has yet to learn how truly thick-headed I am about such things.

I'll finish the week up tomorrow with a 3:00 Mother's Day bike ride and call it good.

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Comm's said...

Once again: scribble...scribble...scribble.

I appreciate your putting your schedule up and doing so reminds me that I was going to do the same thing tomorrow.

Now how do you cut and paste?