Sunday, May 08, 2005

Did You Call Your Mom Yet?

I finished off the training week with a great 3:30 ride, about 80k if my new computer is accurate. My route meandered over to a county forest preserve where I did two out-and-back loops on the paved trail and then meandered home. A Starbucks triple espresso stop provided necessary mid-ride sustenance and, NO, that time doesn't count toward the 3:30!

OK, I must rant. Yes, this is Mother's Day and, yes, there were lots of families getting in some "together time" out on the trail today. Fine. Yippee. Where's Norman Rockwell when you need him?

But, here's the deal: if your urchin is big enough to ride a bike, he/she is more than big enough to understand the meaning of that bright yellow line down the middle of the asphalt trail. That side is YOURS, this side is MINE. In other words, I'm pretty cranky for my age and I don't like your kid nearly as much as you do, so keep him/her the hell outta my way.

Too grumpy for Mother's Day? Deal with it.


Comm's said...

Haazah, haazah, Hurumph, hurumph.

Well spoke and glad you were able to get in such a good training session on this day.

Wil said...

LOL!! LOVE you're last line!!

Anonymous said...

Quit your complaining (about the kids). How long has it been since you took your children - all 4 - out bike riding when they had difficulty staying on one side of that yellow line and some maniac nearly killed them when zooming past? DID you call your mother?? Yes, I'm posting anonymously as all of those die-hard tri people that read your blog would send lots of hate mail my way!

Vertical Man said...

Wow. It's always someone else isn't it? "Those die hard tri people..." Or "some maniac...zooming past..."

Yes, I called my mom. Yes, I took all 4 of my daughters riding, and YES they knew what the yellow line and the concept of politely sharing the road meant. If they didn't, they stayed home!

I'm disabling anonymous comments. They encourage stupidity.