Friday, May 06, 2005

Galena, Here We Come!

Two weeks from tomorrow (May 21st) is the Galena Triathlon in Galena, IL, my first tri of the season. For those of you not from the upper Midwest, Galena is in extreme north-western Illinois, just this side of the Mississippi river from Dubuque, Iowa. And, contrary to your probable opinions about Illinois, Galena's environs have plenty of what passes for hills in these parts.

Last year's race was cancelled due to inclement weather, leaving 600+ wet-suited triathletes fuming on the shores of Apple Canyon Reservoir. And, of course, the sun came out 10 minutes later. We're hoping for a better outcome this year.

No weather-related problems today. No, it was a GREAT day in the Great Suburban Outback, blessed by the Weather Geek and all his Weather Gods. Intrepid Training Partner (ITP) and I trekked to Galena and rode the bike course twice - out and back. 2:30 total for about 52k, at a nice easy pace. For most of the ride our company was lots of placid cows, a few spirited horses and one insane dump-truck driver trailing enough air to blow a 747 off the runway.

It's days like today that cause me to dread ever going back to an office job. For most of my life (thus far) I've worked a lot and trained a little. Now the equation is reversed and I kinda like it. How to make it permanent is the key question. Life is way too short to waste days like today in the dead air of some office, in service to some insatiable, distant bureaucracy.

Suggestions, anyone?


nancytoby said...

Sounds like you're ready to quit the job, or go half time and train more! Crazier things have been attempted!!!

Wil said...

Hey, have you thought of trying to get some sponsors and maybe look into becoming a pro? Fortune favors the bold, they say ;)