Monday, May 09, 2005

Giro d'Italia vs. the Bubbas

I made at least one person mad with my Mother's Day rant and I'm probably going to make a few more mad with this one. Ah, well. Some things can't be helped.

OLN's Cyclysm Sunday coverage of the world's major bike races is pretty cool. For the next several weeks it's the Giro d'Italia. After that it's the Tour de France.

I'd never been a big fan of the Outdoor Life Network (OLN) until last summer when their Tour coverage held me captive for nearly a month. Their usual hunting and/or fishing fare seems rather pointless until God equips creatures of the woods and waters with the means to shoot back. I appreciate a fair fight and right now it isn't. It's just fat-gutted Bubbas attempting to compensate for depleted testosterone levels by blazing away at an attacking ruffled wood grouse or whatever.

"Yessir there BillyRayJimBob, that's some hunka vicious smallmouth bass ya got there. We barely made it out alive! Good thing ya got that treble hook away from him before he put your eye out! You'd hate to lose ANOTHER eye that way!"

Um, well, yes. Though, in OLN's defense, it is pretty funny to watch a cowboy getting launched off an ornery snot-breathing bull's back and kicked once or twice in the head for good measure. Now THAT'S a fair fight.

So anyway, watch the bike races. Maybe OLN will notice and we'll get more bikers and fewer Bubbas.


soccerdad said...

yes! finally someone with a similar perspective. it seems like EVERYONE around here hunts, and i just don't get it. way to go steve! i've been watching the TDF,the giro, and the vuelta on OLN for a few years. their coverage is usually pretty good. they used to do daily coverage of the giro. i guess they're pulling back a little this year...

Comm's said...

I wouldn't know... my cable provider Cox Communication, makes you pay extra for OLN. They bundle all their channels now like movie channels. Cheap skates!

Flatman said...


I am in the same boat. I don't get OLN either and I am not going to pay premium for it... Oh well, I will just keep getting my updates online.

FTL said...

Liggett and Sherwen are a great duo. The Giro and TDF coverage with those guys is great. Even Bob Roll has his moments. Cant believe its closing in already.