Wednesday, April 27, 2005

No Standard Deviation Here

Extensive statistical research during yesterday's 2-hour bike ride has demonstrated an inverse correlation between the wealth of a suburb and the amount of room its drivers give you.

My theory is that diminutive, cell phone-yacking soccer moms can't see over their SUV's fenders. That or they're just stupid mean. Further research will commence tomorrow at 9:30 A.M.


Wil said...

Yes, I agree with this. The richer the neighborhood, the more there are psychotic teenagers with expensive, fast cars...all the better to flatten you with my dear!

mipper said...

well, i drive one of those SUV's and i am a mommy, but you'll be pleased to know i give fair distance when passing cyclists and runners. actually this morning i swerved into on-coming traffic in order to give a cyclist who gave a freak-me-out-swerve ample room. we're not all bad... i promise.

Comm's said...

I actively scan for cyclists and runners when driving. 1)because I don't want to push them any further into the curb, like I wouldn't like, 2)I want to compare bikes ;)

Vertical Man said...

I didn't mean to imply that all drivers, soccer moms and/or SUV owners are impolite to cyclists. But, in this certain suburb near my house, where $1 million houses are being torn down to make room for $3 million houses, I literally had 5 or 6 close calls yesterday with drivers who crowded me into the curb unnecessarily. The road was completely empty of oncoming traffic and there was no reason to pass 6 inches from my left leg.

In contrast, when I ride in Wisconsin, the locals are the absolute best. They give you a wide berth and always wave.

And I thank mipper on behalf of cyclists everywhere for your swerve this morning!

Comm's said...

Of course in Wisconsin they are more polite drivers, their hunters. In General you'll never meet more polite people than hunters passing someone. A little nod, tip of the hand, wide passing lane.

I'm a gonna go get my rubberband gun and hunt me something ;)

mipper said...

hey no problem. i didn't mean to imply that i thought you were implying. ;) i will always swerve for those who are being pushed into the curb. i always try to make sure if a fluke happened and the cyclist and/or runner were to spontaneously fall just as i was passing, i wouldn't be so close i ran over a limb or head. :) how did it go this morning? i hope they were nicer.