Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Bikini As A Training Device

Thanks to all who responded to yesterday's post about ignorant drivers. Just to be clear, please know that I was NOT talking about any of YOU! I'm sure y'all are attentive and polite behind the wheel.

Twenty or so of Karyn's training clients got together for a group bike ride this morning, a 2-hour tour of the Great Suburban Outback's exurban fringes. Midway through the ride we spent half an hour doing hill repeats while Karyn critiqued our positioning and technique. Up, turn around, down, turn around, up, etc.

Some climbs were sitting, others were standing (sitting is generally more efficient and uses less energy.) Smooth pedaling, using the entire stroke, relaxed arms and upper body, breathe...a lot to think about 'til it's all committed to neuro-muscular memory.

Drivers were on their best behavior, too. Course it's easier to mess with a lone rider than with 20. Group riding is fun and I'm looking forward to more.

Yesterday's 2,450 swim went OK. The main set was:

  • 4X300, moderate effort with descending times, 20" rest intervals,
  • 300 pull, steady effort level
  • 6X50, relaxed, moderate speed, 15" rest intervals.

I spent most of the set thinking about my head position and how I roll to breathe (being tired of the mouthfuls of water accompanying each breath.) I didn't quite have it right until a woman in the most amazing bikini showed up for family swim, and I found that turning my head until she was in view was perfect in several ways. Sorry if that offends you, but if she's displaying it, I'm gonna use it to my own advantage. As I said yesterday, sometimes you find inspiration in unusual places.

My strength workouts have now transitioned to the SM phase (no, it doesn't stand for THAT, it stands for Strength Maintenance, though ya never know....) I did a 30 minute upper body and core workout, time enough for 2 sets. First set was 12 reps at my 15 rep maximum load, the second was 3-6 reps at my 6 rep max. I think I got through chest and shoulder presses, biceps, triceps, lats, single leg squats, core holds, atomic situps, bicycles and crunches before I blacked out.

No track workout last night. Cold, windy weather, a girls soccer game on the field and nobody showed up except Karyn and me (and we totally missed each other.) I was only too happy to come home and carbo-load. Got a big race coming up, ya know.


Flatman said...

Man, you are on FIRE! Nice job on the hill repeats...I hate those.

I will leave the bikini alone.

That is quite a day...get some rest!

Vertical Man said...

I left it alone too. Her power-lifting significant other was probably upstsirs lifing a Buick or something.

And what he didn't destroy my wife would have! Hah!

nancytoby said...

That's some kind of training! YOU GO! Whatever gets you through the workout...!!! What are atomic situps?