Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Gender Equity?

Girls begin to pull even with boys in one more category: steroid use. Despite teenager-unfriendly side effects like weight gain, facial hair, smaller breasts and acne, an 'alarming' number of adolescent girls are experimenting with steroids.


nancytoby said...

Jeez, I had all that stuff (well, except the facial hair) and I didn't even get to do steroids. We didn't even know what they were when I was that age.

Comm's said...

I have read much of the reports and I can honestly report after 12 years in the industry (fitness industry) I have met only two women who have used anabolic steriods out of hundreds of competitive, weekend warriors and bodybuilders.

The issue exsists and should be debated but societal stigmas will still force young women into the starve thin mentality rather than use it to get more tone or muscular. Most women very basic weight lifting as abhorent because of the belief they will get too bulky. If only it were so easy for us men.

soccerdad said...

Dear Mr. Davis,

I will ask you just this once to please stop talking about my new wife.

Prince Charles