Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday's Triathlon Workout (3/11/05)

Whew. The third (and final) breakthrough workout of the week - a run. I did a 19 minute, 2-mile warm-up at an average HR of 123 BPM. Then 1 mile at a 7:40 pace and 137 BPM average. Finally, 3 more miles at a 7:35 pace and 139 BPM average. Total: 6 miles in a little under 50 minutes. Not much of a "breakthrough" really.

I think my cardiovascular system is a bit tired; no matter what I did or how hard I pushed, my heart rate would NOT go above 144. I guess that's why it's called "training."

I'm pushing today's swim to tomorrow evening when I'll have more energy and fewer lane-jumpers to contend with. Meantime, the tri-daughters are home from school for the weekend. One of them gets her braces off today after nearly a decade of hiding her smile. Oh yeah, she's manic all right! We're goin' out to celebrate; maybe to Bin 36 where the oldest tri-daughter is a...what's the term-of-the-day? Wait-person? Wait-staff? Wait-individual? Oh, what the hell. She's a waitress and a darn good one.

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