Monday, February 21, 2005

Monday's Triathlon Workout (2/21/05)

This post should be subtitled "The Soccer Moms' Revenge." Karyn gave me the option of taking the day off or doing a 45 minute easy, recovery swim. I chose the swim but, as I pulled into Lifetime's parking lot, I realized something was...amiss. The parking lot was full of mini-vans and SUVs. On a Monday afternoon.

Aha. It's one of those minor holidays otherwise known as an extra day of vacation in teachers' collective bargaining agreements. I forgot! Schools are out. Kids are home. Moms - and a few dads - are desperate. Ahhhhhhhh!

They're all in the "family" pool adjacent to the lap pool. The din is incredible; a jet plane taking off, AC/DC in full roar, Michael Moore talking politics. You get the picture. Beyond the point of pain.

But against all odds a lane in the lap pool was open, so off I went. Doing slow 100's, focusing on form and relaxation, counting strokes per 25, gliding, breathing, enjoying myself. I managed 40 minutes and 1,300 meters before some of the more obnoxious little buggers decided that my (empty) pool looked much nicer than their (full) swimmin' hole. After the third lane-jumper narrowly missed my head, I retired to the sauna. I figured the jerk had a mom somewhere who'd beat the stuffing out of me if I pointed out that her brat is someday gonna make a fine prison bitch for a felon doing 25-to-life.

Ah, I'd have never said that. Not really. Not out loud, anyway.

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