Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tuesday's Triathlon Workout (2/22/05)

Nothing special today. A 45-minute run on the treadmill with 7X30 second strides. The first stride was at a 6:40 mile pace; each got faster until the 7th was at a 5:25 mile pace. A short cooldown run and then it was on to 45 minutes of strength training followed by a 15 minute plyometric routine.

For plyometrics I go into one of Lifetime's group fitness rooms and set up my own workout. I create a platform that's maybe 2" higher than knee-high and do 4X10 standing jumps onto the platform. Jump on, jump off, jump on, jump, land, jump, land....well, you get the idea. Then I took an 18 lb. bar and did single-leg skips across the room. Right leg first, then left leg, then right leg, then left, etc. Sounds easy. It's not. Try it sometime and you'll never again say that skipping is for kids.

Remarkably, I'm bereft of topics to rant about. Not music, not soccer moms, nobody tried to injure me during my workout, no national figure has risen above the average nitwit threshhold. It was a remarkably quiet day. I can't stand it. It's still early evening...maybe I can provoke somebody.

Oh, wait. I'm a huge hockey fan and I want to line up the NHL management and players against a wall and throw rotten tomatoes at all of 'em. I'd especially like to plaster "dollar" Bill Wirtz, Chicago Blackhawk owner and Chief Moron, right upside the head with a big, fat, rotten, stinkin', sulphurous, scabrous, maggot-infested, bacteria-laden, gallon-sized gob of yeecchh. The jerk.

Ahhhh. I knew I had a rant in me. I feel so much better.

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